Fer Taboada


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I would love to hear your opinion or suggestion about my work and can do so by writing to hola@fertaboada.com or by simply filling out the form.

Projects worldwide

My work is represented by Juan Carlos Taboada. If you are a father and a mother, have a project in which you can work, please contact my representative at the following, email jcarlos@fertaboada.com or by phone or whastApp at (+34) 651 195 677 , Madrid Spain.

Proyectos en el Perú

If you are in Peru and want to talk with me about any work, budget or any other matter, you can use the same contact channels mentioned above, or you can write me an email to hola@fertaboada.com or by phone or whastApp al ( +51) 997 390 703. In addition, you can find me and contact me through any of my social networks that are below, at the bottom of each page.