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How do I find a style to illustrate?


Many people who want to dedicate themselves to living in the illustration usually ask me this question. How do I find my style? and I always answer the same; I have no idea, because all people are unique and we have different tastes, that is a personal search.

What I usually answer in the way of advice is my own experience. I began to illustrate digitally several years ago, I was not lucky enough to go to an art school, much less had an illustrator teacher on hand.

I can assure you that “copy is not bad” but you have to know how to do it, in my case I took as references to many illustrators, I tried many styles and each one “copied” what I liked and interested, that’s how I created my own reference mosaic , and based on practicing (test / error) I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. The ideal would be to have this referential mosaic of everything that is not illustration, influenced by different disciplines such as sports, music, cinema, etc.

In the images I show the process and the different stages that I followed until I found my style. To be clear, this did not happen in days or months, it took a couple of years until it took shape and I was satisfied.

Once you get to master the technique, this happens in the background and should be given greater importance to interpret and transmit emotions, is what is known as “concept.” Do not trust your memory, take note, photograph or record all the ideas that come to mind, you never know when they might be useful.

Personally I have my own style (image of Neymar), but I always try to investigate, learn new techniques and ways of drawing, mainly because, if I always do the same, I get bored and I feel like I’m working.

These are samples of some of the styles that I apply in my work.

In conclusion you have to practice a lot, dedicate yourself fully, work for love and vocation, “copy is not bad” whenever it is to practice, the bad thing is to copy faithfully and publish it as yours.

What I am completely sure of, is that at the end of this journey, the reward may sometimes take, but always, always arrives, and the day you start making a living doing what you like most, I’m sure you’ll understand me.

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  1. Ursula says:

    Gracias por Fer por escribir, pues encuentro en tus consejos tips para mi trabajo en el día a día. Un abrazo y por favor sigue escribiendo pues lo he recomendado a varios amigos que se que les ayudara mucho.

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