Fer Taboada

Do you want me to give a conference, talk, workshop or workshop for your event, master, course or company?

With my skills, experiences and content I help students and professionals in the field of graphic design to improve their skills, with valuable information and practical advice, inspired by my own experience.



I use a practical, proven and proven methodology based on my own professional experience. I use real cases where I show the whole process of my work.
My workshops are designed to adapt to all levels, whether or not they have knowledge of the subject, and at the end they can have the necessary tools to start their own professional path.

With my specializations, I have developed two types of workshops: Digital Illustration and Branding and Brand Development.

Conferences and talks

My lectures and talks are mainly focused on showing the process and development of my portfolio and I also provide guidelines, valuable content and practical advice on my work.
I can develop talks for small groups or large audiences in: schools, institutes, universities, companies, consultants and studios or advertising agencies.

Conferences and talks
Activations for your brand

Activations for your brand

If you want to differentiate yourself and have a unique product, I can make a thematic illustration tailored to your needs, for the day of the event illustrate it live digitally and give it printed on an autographed poster for all attendees.

This type of activations generate a lot of expectation and reinforce the values of your brand. I’ve done live presentations for brands like Subway, Wacom, art galleries, conferences and social events.

Live illustration and autographed posters for your brand.

Activation carried out at the Grafinca Fair for the Wacom brand.

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How much do you charge for your creative work hour?

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My presentations help the audience to:

  • Find a style to illustrate
  • Calculate how much to charge for your work
  • Improve the professional portfolio
  • Make better personal projects
  • Define your position in the market
  • Find your differentiation against the competition
  • Set and increase your rates
  • Get better clients
  • Tips for good work health and keep loving your profession

What can you expect from me?

If I participate in your event, workshop or workshop I commit to the following:

  • Respond as soon as possible to your emails and calls.
  • Promote your event on my social networks.
  • Deliver all the material on the agreed dates.
  • Prepare an entertaining, didactic and easy to implement presentation for the audience.

Ask me for an appointment for your next event

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I have appeared in…

I have appeared in…