In November 2019, I was invited to Rome to the preview of “El Número Nueve”, the film about Gabriel Omar Batistuta.

I was carrying my portfolio with some prints for him to sign. I had a plan to get close to Bati, and in the auditorium he was behind me less than three meters away. At the end of the film, while the goals of the 9 were being played, the whole theater stood up to cheer the goal scorer, he stood up, saluted and began to cry with emotion; at that moment I fleetingly remembered the sacrifices made by my father when he accompanied me to play football to fulfill my dreams. I couldn’t think of anything, I stood still, people kept clapping, crying and shouting “Batigol”, and of course me too, it was the most special and exciting moment of the night.

It is for experiences like these that I thank God and my work, because it takes me to spectacular places and where I meet wonderful people.


Art signed by Gabriel Omar Batistuta


Produced by: Sensemedia, Florence, Italy
Director: Pablo Benedetti
Associate producers: Mirror and Alessio Focardi
Music composed by: Silvia Nair
Music produced by: Ala Bianca
Artist: Fer Taboada
Art Director: Andrea Sabia

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