Fer Taboada

Do not you think it’s
time to differentiate yourself?

Do you need a digital and artistic illustration that reflects your brand and impacts your audience?

Do not know what to do to increase the sales of your products or services?

Do you want to humanize your brand to generate empathy and be memorable?

Do you know that you have an exceptional product or service but your brand does not convey the proper art direction?

Do not you think it’s<br>time to differentiate yourself?
I know what I do<br>and what I speak

I know what I do
and what I speak

Drawing since I could hold a pencil and play football since I could kick a ball. I am a former football player, now a graphic artist, specialized in sports digital illustration. I know you have a problem or maybe a story to tell, do not worry because you are in the right place and I can help you.

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

What can you get with my work?

  • Visually impact your target audience, with a digital and artistic illustration.
  • Human beings appreciate and are sensitive to art. With my work I can humanize your brand generating empathy in your audience.
  • Increase your sales by up to 20% and encourage and spread your brand making it more known and memorable.
  • Solve your problem of visual communication, through a strategic and optimal direction of art.
  • Give your brand, product or service a differential value in the market and before your competition.

Work process


Framing type of the character, head, torso or whole body


We define the characteristic expression of the character.


The background structure, size, colors, texts are planned …

Final art

The finished illustration is delivered in image format.

Did I convince you?

Come on, let’s work together, build a great team and develop that great illustration, and make your brand the most memorable.

You are about to score!

You are about to score!


Give him the final puntillao and …

Let's work together!