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My goal is to help professionals, medium and large companies to differentiate their brand, through a digital illustration or a logo.

Football formed me and art made me fall in love

I do not remember if the first thing I did was paint or kick a ball, I just remember that I had a lot of fun playing and painting. I still did not know it was a class or a workout, but I spent hours drawing and playing with the ball.

My life was spent going to school and playing football. He trained from Monday to Friday in the afternoons, after school and on weekends he competed.

They were the happiest years of my life, I made many friends, I participated in tournaments and every summer we always traveled abroad.

At age 19, for things of life, I put aside my dream of being a professional footballer and also the career I was studying. I was confused, so the next year I packed my bags and crossed the pond, I was not sure what I wanted to do, I just knew that I needed to change my habitat.

Already installed in my new country, I had many doubts, I did not know what I wanted, I questioned and then I asked myself what really makes me happy ?, and automatically came to light, football and drawing. The first thing had set him apart, so I gave priority to the second. I studied advertising and I did a Master’s Degree in Advertising Graphic Design, in an art school in Madrid.

I can not complain, football gave me a scholarship, many friends and opened several doors and opportunities, and this continues to happen to me today.

Personally he taught me from a very young age to be responsible, to respect the rival, to be supportive with my teammates, to compete as a team and, mainly, to raise my head after a defeat. In short, football taught me what life is and finally art gave me my profession.

Experiences, process and evolution of my work

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These are some collective recognitions that I have won as Art Director in advertising agencies and the last as Graphic Artist.

The Sun

Gold 2008

New York Festival

Gold 2008

Cannes Lions

Bronze 2009

Behance Reviews

Lima / Trujillo, 2017



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I <3 Football

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