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Are personal projects important?


Whenever you ask me I recommend doing personal projects and more if you dedicate yourself to creativity, here I show you a list of 10 reasons why they are important:

1. Carry out projects with topics that satisfy and passion, this will keep your “active brain” and help stimulate your creativity.

2. If you only do projects for clients, in many cases you will end up burning, because finally the essence of the work, ideas and objectives are not yours.

3. You will always be the director of the orchestra, no one can tell you what to do or what not to do. The art direction is yours!

4. It will help you to leave your comfort zone and experiment with new processes and ways of working that will enrich you positively.

5. You feel much more motivated and creative when you work on your own projects.

6. Be yourself, use your references and personal influences as inspiration, remember that the limit you put.

7. They help generate “your own point of view” and this is fundamental when it comes to unleash the creative process. The more personal projects you perform, the better results you will have.

8. If no one yet hires you and you are looking for a first job, it is the ideal time for you to start doing personal projects, with the sole objective of creating a portfolio and show your talent.

9. If you’re looking to open a new design line for a potential market, I’ll explain it with an example: Let’s imagine that you love craft beers and would like to design the logo and label. You could make a fictitious project, invest a brand, strive in the process, dedicate your time and creativity, and finally publish it in specialized pages of the field, I’m sure someone will see it and it will go better than you imagine.

10. Personally I always try to carry out 2 or 3 own projects per year. I choose an interesting topic, I develop it and then I try to sell it to possible brands or potential clients, sincerely, it fills me with pride and happiness, that what I created with love and dedication is published in some medium and has the recognition it deserves.

These are some examples of some personal projects that I made and then sold.

In conclusion, be an illustrator, animator, developer or designer, the project you do must always generate in the viewer: happiness, sadness or whoever sees it, feels identified or understood, if any of these three rules is fulfilled the objective of the project is more what a compliment.

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  1. Edgar says:

    Excelentes consejos para tomarlos en cuenta,saludos coordiales admiro mucho su trabajo.

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